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place in wisconsin. his running mate, paul ryan, is from wisconsin and the rnc chairman himself speaking at that event earlier. >> wow. what a welcome. >> you guys are amazing. thank you so much. wa a welcome. thank you. that is a very generous welcome. thank you. . >> thank you so much. you got that one right, by the way. four more days. this is a -- a great experience to be here with you today. this is so exciting. what a great state, what a great welcome. and by the way, this state is going to help me become the next president of the united states. i -- i want to thank governor walker for that extraordinary introduction and what a great governor you have. you're very lucky. i know that took some work. senator johnson, thank you for your help and also lieutenant governor clayfish, thank you for her help and the former governor and future united states senator, tommy thompson. thank you for that. chairman frevis, a hometown guy and hall of famer, bart starr, thank you very much. thank you. old friends here, too. ann, it was kind of her to speak here. my son was kind enough to join us. m
a narrow lead. paul ryan wind ul up a rally in pennsylvania where the romney campaign is trying to make a late pushed. the combined events of mitt romney and paul ryan will give the campaign in seven different states today. the president also had a whirlwind schedule today going to iowa, ohio, virginia, going to wisconsin as well today. vice president joe biden has two events in colorado, one outside denver, the other in pueblo. the candidates are also taking the fight to the printed page today with duelling op-eds in the "wall street journal." meanwhile back in d.c. this morning president obama at fema headquarters where he met with officials and talked about disaster relief in the wake of hurricane sandy. >> our hearts continue to go out to those families who have been affected and have lost loved ones. that's obviously heartbreaking. but i'm confident that we can continue to make progress as long as state, local and federal officials -- >> so, one critical thing. one critical thing to watch in this very busy final homestretch here, the closing arguments that the candidates are making
we have people like paul ryan giving interviews saying he's showing back up in washington, d.c. pretty much the same way he left? >> well, there is clearly a huge division between the two parties on two questions. whether we should raise revenue/how much revenue we should raise, the white house put out a fairly audacious, if not bold number yesterday of 1.6 trillion and the second question which president didn't quite address on friday which i expect to be asked about today, which involves can that amount be done without reverting back to letting the bush tax cuts for the wealthiest expire? i do want to say one quick thing about general petraeus and the investigation. i think it's a completely phony issue in response to what hogan said about whether the president should have been told earlier. the one thing we learned about all scandals from watergate on, what you don't want is the justice department in a very sensitive investigation back-channeling to the white house and telling them about criminal things, i think, if it had gone the other way, the republicans or other criti
is the fact paul ryan had a b-plan to stay in his spot. what does it mean for him moving forward? >> paul ryan continues to be the chairman of the house budget committee which matters. because of the fiscal cliff. and because of the fy-13 or 2013 appropriations which have now been moved to next year. how much of a player does he make himself? is he going to be at the table at the white house like he was in august of 2011 when he very much pushed back against the white house and the rhetoric? he will be way more than a big player. but i think he may not try to be in your face as you might expect. >> expect him to talk about the fiscal cliff today. do you buy it? >> i like speaker boehner. he's old school. but i think he has a caucus biting at his heels. i don't know that he'll do that or won't. >> great to have you here. thank you so much. >>> something to keep you up to speed on because we are watching it. this possibility of a nor'easter adding insult to injury on the eastern seaboard. now bracing for this bad weather. today this storm could dump up to a foot of snow and bring more flooding t
be in play this year with paul ryan on the gop ticket. the way the president and mitt romney will spend their final days speaks volumes about where the two need to produce wins. president obama, three stops, three states. the president will travel to ohio and end with a rally in iowa. the very state where his bid for the oval office began all those years o years ago. mitt romney, five stop, five states. he began in florida, follow stops in virginia, the president following the president in ohio. then his final day in his home away from home, new hampshire. this morning though in florida, governor romney -- capable of bringing about change. >> it comes down to this. do the people want four more years like the last four years? or do you want real change finally? >> president obama all weekend on the campaign trail telling supporters that they know him. and he's the one, the only one, that they can trust. >> you may not agree with every decision i've made, michelle doesn't agree with me on everything. you may sometimes be frustrated at the pace of change. i get frustrated at the pace of ch
saying people like congressman paul ryan who has been a deficit hawk and campaigned on being a deficit hawk on the romney/ryan taicket do you think he would derail a grand bargain to have a platform to run on? >> what i would say, you have a lot of folks in the gop, at the presidential 2016 level, their political identity has been formed around their argument that we need to bring this deficit down quickly. if we get a deficit grand bargain into place, note that paul ryan voted against simpson/bowsimpson simpson/bowles, if we get that in place, suddenly that argument is off the table. so, it's not going to be all that easy for some of these people to say, okay, we're finished here. i think it's a mistake to accuse politicians of having too much cynicism. lot of people painted themselves into a corner, an identity of being very, very pure conservative deficit hawks. it's going to be hard for them to let that go. >> speaker boehner said over the weekend, he doesn't want to box himself in, do you feel confident that he's going to come to the table and he'll be workable on a situation? >>
blustering. mitt romney and paul ryan talking about how to pay for their plan but not a single deduction or exclusion they would change in order to pay for it. so from the white house's perspective the way to do this, the right sequencing is let the bush tax cuts expire, pocket the money. do tax reform over the next y r year. if you come up with a plan, if you can get that plan ratified, raising the same amount of money and it's reasonable, we can talk about it. we can do it through tax reform. first the money, you make sure it's real and you lock it in. >> is that the whole reason why this negates a conversation about tax later even though mitch mcconnell has taken to the microphones to acknowledge the money is on the table? >> right. so for them the idea that revenue is on the table is, for the republicans, revenue is on the table means tax reform. they want to do it and the democrats don't buy that revenue is truly on the table. they don't buy when republicans say revenue is on the table and democrats say revenue is on the table that both sides are talking about the same thing. let m
't mention paul ryan the his tenure as the vice presidential candidate, does that put him out there as the front-runner, that tent you describe, does he not fit as well under that tent that you need to see with the gop going forward? >> i think paul ryan and rick santorum and a number of other candidates who certainly are going to be viable players going forward are also names to watch. but i think that the party standard bearer will likely be somebody who's able to reach a broad coalition going forward. more than just conservatives. and the republican base. whoever it is has to reach a lot more folks. >> yeah. so margie, chris christie, always being talked about for this. does his embrace of the president during hurricane sandy, do you think that hurts or helps him, in tells of both getting a nomination, and then being elected? because that can be two different things. >> i'm a new jersey native. and my stepfather has the same sort of new jersey attitude that chris christie has. i think that attitude, sometimes can be hurtful for chris christie in the case of hurricane sandy,
lightly. if you were looking forf john boehner. i would say the op-ed andru naming paul ryan to basically boehner said we're going to the bush tax cuts, th signs are not good forpeople where the party should go. i think romn did better wn he started moderating but that's to be debated i guess with the republican partattention, the op-ed in the got a lot of raising the possibility that she may not have gone back= over as head n lead the tential just a joke or a lot obf cservatives who are still taking her seriously? >> sarah palin is a very interesting person. i think shen a big i'll give you e example, i'm in little rock r work for governor huckรกsab fo four years, a very intesting character because you would hel ot, heoverned by moving the ballwah a 87% docrat legislature and do he mandated arts, another b word, among t conservatives and arts education inhe gave heo are the children of parents who made too much money to get free health care but not enough to afford -- >> richard >> there is governance and moving the ball forward. we need more people like that. of a you just hear h
andrew cuomo. the republicans have their own starting lineup. paul ryan, who played the role of understudy in this campaign, new jersey governor chris christie, even though some conservative republicans blame him for his high-octane embrace of president obama. florida senator marco rubio on a fak fast track who say he's the republican solution to the problem with hispanics. >> if i'm a serious policymaker, i'll have a lot of opportunities to do different things in politics, outside of politics. >> and there are some party leaders who are still long for former florida governor jeb bush. you can argue that it is too early to even be thinking about 2016, but ask yourself, when did barack obama first start dreaming about becoming president? craig. >> andrea mitchell, thanks to you for some smart speculation. now let's bring in the brain trust. joan walsh, editor at large for also an msnbc political analyst. perry bacon, the editor for "the g rir grio." this is a limit brain trust. sometimes we have to fake it. not today. let's pick up the here. let's start with where a
the race for 2016 already under way. some have mentioned paul ryan as well. you have marco rubio heading to iowa next week. you also have the gop governors meeting in vegas next week. new jersey's chris christie expected to be there. who would you say is the current front-runner for the 2016 republican nomination? >> on the republican side, i think it's very convoluted. you know, it might be a jeb bush if he decides to assert himself and get into this. i think it's a far clear picture on the democratic side of the aisle. and i would say it's secretary clinton. and i would point out that president clinton sure did collect a lot of ious in the final couple of weeks of that campaign. >> that's a good point. you mentioned hillary clinton. a lot of folks have indicated that america's happy warrior, joe biden as well, he could be in this thing. andrew cuomo, that name pops up on a lot of lists. >> it does. and i don't think that there is really a clear definition on either side of the aisle. but one thing is self-evident after what happened on tuesday, and that is that the gop needs to focus o
, paul ryan is in congress trying to draft person hood amendments that limit a woman's right to choose. they are not for lily ledbetter the fair pay act to give women equality in the workplace. and mitt romney's not for the employment nondiscrimination act. so -- >> we are -- thomas. >> yeah. >> we are an lgbt advocacy group, so of course, the freedom to serve in our nation's military, the freedom to marry are all vital issues of real concern to us. and after meeting with the candidate and speaking with the campaign frequently, we did come to the conclusion that we felt we could work with the romney administration on issues like workplace nondiscrimination. that said, you're right, we do currently disagree with governor romney on the issue of marriage. but that is a significant part of why log cabin republicans exist. we are republicans who can speak to other republicans to make the conservative case for these issues. i mean, we have watched the united states move very rapidly on these issues over the last ten years. and as much as president obama had a process to evolve on the issue o
Search Results 0 to 18 of about 19 (some duplicates have been removed)